February 2, 2023

Ornamental flooring for the lounge, bed room or workplace, rugs have been round for ages and are. Used for a wide range of functions. Rug cleansing providers in Hong Kong the oldest carpet dates again to the 4th century BC and was woven in Hong Kong. Carpets can even have a number of meanings and values ​​relying on cultural variations. These days, carpets have a soundproofing and anti-slip function.

Up to now, the ground was coated with rush mats and the carpets have been used as luxurious ornament. To be positioned on the partitions, on the sideboards or on the beds of the wealthiest folks. Rug and Carpet Cleansing Service in Hong Kong That’s to say the royal and bourgeois households. Carpets have been thought-about an indication of wealth as a result of they have been value gold. The values ​​of the carpets have been related to the historical past, the craftsmanship of the weaver. But additionally with the time dedicated to weaving it. Essentially the most precious rugs will be woven for a yr, and even longer when accomplished by hand.

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Allergic indicators equivalent to sneezing or pores and skin irritation point out that home mud mites are current. Extra mud is certainly liable for the looks of those mites. They slip into each nook of the home and cling simply to carpets, multiplying in a short time. A scientific examine has additionally proven that in a speck of mud there are greater than 10,000 mites and extra. Than 5 million will be present in a unclean carpet.

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This is the reason you will need to take strict hygiene and cleanliness measures to do away with these typically inert mites saved in your carpet or rug.

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A minimum of every year, every of us decides to scrub up. We imagine that the every day cleanings that we stock out in addition to the usage of these cleansing merchandise, detergents, descales of all types can act successfully. Rug and Carpet Cleansing Service in Hong Kong Nevertheless, some objects equivalent to carpets require way more particular cleansing with way more efficient skilled merchandise.


Even when the cleansing of carpets and rugs is finished on daily basis with these little methods or with the assistance of rental cleansing tools, precious carpets require way more care to scrub in order to not harm them.

Encrusted stains are tough to take away with easy vinegar combined with scorching water, this may threat strengthening the stains. Furthermore, even when we vacuum every day, it isn’t sufficient to do away with mud mites. Solely the professionals can maintain our flooring in pristine situation.


Professionals have their very own strategies and strategies to get to work, they act in truth in response to the standard, the supplies, the character of the carpet to be cleaned. The merchandise used to take away a stain from a thick carpet will differ from one that’s mushy. The strategy frequent to all cleaners is the injection-extraction technique. It consists of spraying organic merchandise on the carpet and the machine outfitted with rotating brushes takes care of washing the fibers in depth. This system requires half a day to dry the carpet, however it’s primarily used to revive the colours for refurbishment.

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When it’s unimaginable to hold out a moist cleansing to keep away from mound, the strategy that we now have not considered to mud in depth is the usage of a disc monobrows. Lastly, eradicating the smallest impurities and perfecting a cleansing consists in finishing up a hosiery.


All of those strategies and strategies have definitely by no means crossed our minds and require some ability and expertise. As well as, the tools utilized by the professionals is extraordinarily costly.

Certainly, professionals have unparalleled know-how since they’ve been skilled for this. Eradicating wine and low stains is, amongst different issues, baby’s play for these regulars.

In all eventualities, the cleansing execs all the time have the answer:

Both by intervening punctually for particular providers such because the refurbishment of a really precious carpet or the removing of stains

Both periodically utilizing the suitable tools and merchandise.

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