February 2, 2023

Working in pharmaceutical amenities, chemical crops, or oil sectors consists of dealing liquid supplies in metal or plastic drums which are heavy to deal with and carry day by day. For that forklift drum lifter is a necessary machine in these industries.

These liquid supplies are additionally ceaselessly hazardous, so it is very important guarantee protected dealing with. When a full drum is being manually raised or rolled for transport, there’s a excessive danger that it might critically damage close by folks. Forklift drum lifters can help in merely lifting the drums straightforwardly and in a trouble-free method. A forklift drum lifter makes it simpler to move the drums no matter their weight.

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forklift drum lifter

Sorts Of Forklift Drum Attachment:

The Following Are The Lifting Drum Dealing with Tools.

Drum Handler:

Drum handlers are the elements of the machine that maintain the drums securely. With a drum handler’s help, even the most important drums will be moved and lifted. This vertical drum handler can maintain a drum securely, making it a safer choice.

Overhead Drum Elevate:

A stuffed drum will be elevated within the upright place swiftly and safely utilizing an overhead drum raise. The drum lifter may also be hooked up to a hoist, crane, or forklift. Subsequently, utilizing an overhead drum clamp will undoubtedly lower down on downtime in addition to the chance of spills and accidents.

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Drum Seize:

A forklift drum seize is the best choice when you could deal with and hoist your drums rapidly whereas additionally conserving area.

Drum Gripper:

Together with delivering them, a forklift drum gripper can raise drums for simpler stacking and group. The drum gripper will be hooked up to a forklift and locked in place to perform this.

Vertical Drum Lifter:

There are two varieties of vertical drum lifters: tong-style and band-style. The tong drum lifter permits you to take up the drums from an overhead vertical place. In distinction, a band drum lifter lets you choose up the drum from a vertically lowered place.

Forklift Drums Rotator:

The drum rotator attachment for forklifts is helpful for any objective. It might transfer, raise, tilt, and rotate drums. It additionally incorporates a pull-chain loop in order that the forklift truck driver can management the drums with ease. You possibly can take up the drum, flip in any course you want, after which absolutely empty the contents of the drum.

Advantages Of Forklift Drum Lifter:

Utilizing a forklift drum lifter, you could simply elevate the drum containers and retailer them in any space or warehouse. The next are the advantages of utilizing a forklift drum lifter.

Lifts Much less Sturdy Plastic Drum:

Much less sturdy plastic drums usually tend to be exploited and are tougher to raise by hand. Nevertheless, forkli

forklift drum lifter

forklift drum lifter

ft drum lifters make it easy to raise any plastic drum. They’ll present simple motion of the drums and keep away from slippage.

Through the use of forklift drum attachments to help the troublesome operation of lifting massive drums, it’s doable to extend effectivity whereas lowering the chance of employee harm or accident.

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You possibly can scale back employee accidents by using forklift drum attachments in addition to no ensure that of no wastage of product.

Enhances Effectivity:

Forklift drum lifters save a considerable period of time, which permits the workers to perform the operation extra quickly. Moreover, machines accomplish jobs flawlessly and with out spilling, enhancing general productiveness.

Heavy Drums Lifting:

There are two varieties of drum lifters.

  • A typical drum lifter attaches to the highest of the drum utilizing a clamp. The clamp secures the drum’s base whereas offering the drum with ample raise to be picked up. Normal forklift drum lifters usually are available single-drum or double-drum variants. A double-drum raise will raise two drums on the identical time.
  • One other fashion of forklift drum lifter clamps the drum to the facet. Just like an ordinary lifter, the clamp drum lifter has a sheath that covers the forklift’s tines. The handles of the clamp shut and seize the drum because the forklift is moved ahead; when the drum is lifted, the clamp locks beneath the rolling hoop.

Further Safety:

The third type of forklift drum lifter has a clamp that could be locked eccentrically across the drum to safe it. An additional security catch aids in stopping unintended discharge. However in distinction to different varieties, this one requires the motive force to get out of the automobile to lock and open the protection lock.


Forklift drum lifters are very helpful in lifting the drums. You possibly can simply raise any dimension or weight of the drum with the assistance of a forklift drum lifter which makes your job simpler and safer.

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