March 28, 2023

Within the space of in vitro diagnostics, Wondfo is well-known. Wondfo manufactures a high-quality line of chemiluminescent assay analyzers utilized by laboratories and analysis organizations for numerous functions. Wondfo’s dry chemistry analyzers present diagnoses resembling bone metabolism, fertility, cardiac, and so on.

What’s a Chemiluminescent Assay?

A chemiluminescent assay is a biochemical approach used to measure the quantity of a selected molecule in a pattern. The precept behind this methodology is that when two molecules react, they launch vitality within the type of gentle. By measuring the quantity of sunshine emitted, we are able to decide the variety of molecules within the pattern.

This methodology has many benefits over different measurement strategies, resembling ELISA or radioimmunoassay. First, it’s far more delicate, that means that even small quantities of the molecule could be detected. Second, it is rather particular, that means it could actually distinguish between various kinds of molecules. Lastly, it’s comparatively simple to carry out and doesn’t require costly gear.

Utilizing Chemiluminescent Assay for Emergency Therapy

Get emergency care as rapidly as potential in case you imagine you’re experiencing a coronary heart assault or that somebody you already know is. Measuring the variety of enzymes within the blood is one methodology of figuring out a coronary heart assault. Chemiluminescent analyzers can measure enzymes and proteins the physique makes in response to particular stimuli.

Essentially the most frequent enzymes to evaluate to determine a coronary heart assault are troponin I and troponin T. When the center tissue sustains harm; troponin T is launched, whereas troponin I is launched when the center muscle sustains harm. Due to this fact, it’s seemingly that the particular person has had a coronary heart assault if there are excessive ranges of both of those enzymes.

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Myoglobin and CK-MB are two different enzymes that may be examined. Creatine kinase-myocardial band, or CK-MB, is a protein launched when the center muscle is injured. Purple blood cells and muscle tissue comprise myoglobin, which escapes into the bloodstream when there’s tissue harm. These enzymes could be measured to assist within the analysis and evaluation of the severity of a coronary heart assault.


Wondfo chemiluminescent analyzers are essential instruments for diagnosing and treating medical emergencies. They provide information that assist medical professionals in choosing essentially the most acceptable remedy for his or her sufferers. Regardless of the market having all kinds of those machines, it’s essential to choose one that’s reliable and easy to function.