April 1, 2023

Lithium ion batteries have the superpower of being low upkeep. They’ve turn out to be the recent favorites in transportable units. Nonetheless, their journey to thoroughly changing lead-acid batteries in residential rooftop photo voltaic continues to be a number of years away.

Regardless of the various advantages, the lithium ion battery worth of upper capability variations can vary in lakhs; therefore, the mass adoption of those batteries for residential photo voltaic is delayed. Nonetheless, that’s a dialogue for an additional day.

The lithium ion battery worth is tremendous reasonably priced for transportable units resembling telephones, watches, or laptops. And this information is a goldmine of details about the various benefits of utilizing the cheap variations – smaller ones – of a lithium ion battery. Dive in for all of the solutions.

High 3 benefits of low-priced lithium ion batteries

When speaking concerning the worth of a lithium ion battery, you should know that it’s 2.5 instances what a lead-acid battery prices. However the smaller battery packs utilized in transportable units are nonetheless reasonably priced – the lithium ion battery worth begins at as little as ₹2250. The beginning worth of a lithium ion battery cell is a mere ₹100.

Now that you understand these batteries higher, allow us to straightaway nosedive into their benefits.

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#1. Upkeep shouldn’t be a difficulty

One of many good issues concerning the smaller, reasonably priced variations of a lithium ion batteries is that they’re low-maintenance beauties. Curiously, the smaller the battery, the much less upkeep.

Ideally, lithium ion batteries in devices resembling telephones, tablets, and laptops don’t require upkeep. Simply cautious charging is sufficient to allow them to final the life they’re designed for, which is 3 to 4 years.

Though 3 to 4 years might sound rather less, if you take a look at the lithium ion battery worth for the variations we’re speaking about and the advantages you’re at present studying, each penny is price spending.

Usually, the lifecycle of a lithium ion battery is 1500 cycles @ 95 amps.

#2. They provide quick charging and don’t self-discharge

Quick charging is the one characteristic you gained’t discover in different forms of batteries that take ceaselessly to cost. The lithium ion batteries are totally different on this matter. They take little or no time to get charged totally.

In addition to charging shortly, they’re little to no self-discharge charge is a particular feather to their caps. Usually, these batteries don’t lose greater than 5% of their cost a month. That’s means too little in comparison with different variations, resembling nickel-cadmium batteries that lose greater than 20% of their cost each month.

#3. They don’t seem to be a extreme risk to the surroundings

Though disposing of batteries is difficult and poisonous for the surroundings as a result of they bio-accumulate, these possibilities drastically drop within the case of lithium ion batteries. Therefore, they’re the most secure choices in the intervening time.

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Do you know that lithium batteries don’t emit hydrogen whereas they’re getting recharged? Batteries resembling lead-acid batteries, alternatively, emit hydrogen.

So, lithium ion batteries emerge as winners should you weigh batteries on the size of being least harmful to people and the surroundings.

make your lithium ion batteries last more?

You recognize the lithium ion battery worth in addition to the truth that these batteries are designed to final for not less than 3 to 4 years. But, it’s not unusual that they lose their functionality to resist a number of charging and discharging periods sooner. The fault isn’t within the chemical design of those batteries; their electrolyte deteriorates very slowly. The fault is in the best way they’re dealt with.

It will assist should you didn’t recharge them till the battery drops under 50%. Additionally, overcharging is one factor that you simply mustn’t do.

So long as you’re practising these easy precautions, your valuable li-ion batteries will ship what they promise: fast charging, no upkeep, and no self-discharging.

Why have lithium batteries not changed tall-tubular batteries in residential photo voltaic?

That is the one query we’d like to handle in our information on some great benefits of low-priced lithium ion batteries.

As you should have guessed, the lithium ion battery worth for the smaller variations is reasonably priced. However their worth will increase with their measurement. And the batteries which might be wanted for storage in a photo voltaic system that’s working a house are costly (2.5 instances costlier than lead-acid, aka tall tubular batteries).

However the excellent news is that it’s anticipated that throughout the subsequent 5 years, lithium batteries will lastly overtake the photo voltaic market fully as a result of vital efforts are being made to scale back their costs.


The lithium ion battery worth for the variations utilized in transportable units is tremendous reasonably priced. The charge-discharge charge in these batteries shouldn’t be a difficulty both. They’re light-weight and tremendous compact.

On high of all the things else, they’re the least dangerous to the surroundings. As soon as the costs for the larger variations drop, they, too, will totally substitute lead-acid batteries within the photo voltaic business.